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Taking care of your handmade knitted purchases is very important. Every item made by Noa & Rain is handcrafted and made from natural yarns. When looked after and cared for properly, these items can have long lifetimes but when care is neglected and usage is high it can have a wearing effect. 


We recommend a gentle hand wash for all hand knitted items and do not tumble dry. 

Its always best to spot clean any spills by blotting with cold water and wash properly or dry clean when necessary. 




All our cotton items are made with organic cotton so don't be afraid to wear these 24/7 as they will last. 


We recommend a delicate cold wash in the machine or a gentle hand wash for your cotton items. Avoid putting any clothing made from natural fibres in the dryer. Instead, allow your cotton items to dry flat. They can also be hung on hangers to dry. 

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